Family Feedback

Jess was incredibly sensitive to our household needs, my need for rest, and my husband’s desire to be the support system in our new little family. She took great care to both nurture my mothering instincts, as well as offer space and encouragement for me to learn about my baby in my own way, in my own time. Her information was invaluable to me as a first time mom, and she was careful to ensure my husband and I were the ones making the important choices for our baby, but were well informed about what those choices meant. We really feel empowered and confident and so proud of how far we’ve come as parents in such a short time with her support and guidance. A million thank-you’s! – K. S. Fairfield, CT

Jess is truly incredible. As a doula, not only did she have a contagiously calming presence (for the baby, but also for mom), but her knowledge and experience immediately put us ease. Placing your newborn into the arms of complete stranger, especially when it’s your first, is never easy, but with Jess I felt relieved. Every time she came, I had anxious questions to ask, and she would answer them, one by one, calmly and insightfully. When it came time to sleep train, she gave us thoughtful support throughout and made adjustments according to my son’s specific needs. My son thrived, ate better, refluxed less, and slept like a champion, due in large part to Jess’s care and attention. Couldn’t recommend her any more highly. – B.D. Riverside, CT

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