Family Feedback

Thank you Jess for changing our lives. We welcomed our daughter in April and spent 4 months trying to get her to sleep. Jess arrived and in just a few days our baby girl was sleeping 12 hours a night, eating better and finally napping well through out the day. Jess is so calm, patient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend having her as part of the family! – K. D. Wilton, CT (4 Day Live-In Coaching)

Jessica’s help was invaluable to our family. Before working with her, our 10-month old child’s sleep was a major stress point. Jessica fully listened to us, validated our concerns, and identified sleep strategies that were both developmentally appropriate and matched our parenting style perfectly. Jessica’s knowledge, training, and experience were evident and our baby’s sleep is worlds better than it was before we started working with her! – J. E. East Haven, CT

Jess was kind and professional and listened to all of my concerns carefully during our initial phone conference. Her sleep plan was beautifully designed and clearly explained directions to follow and reasons why, in order to implement the sleep changes. I was very impressed with her ability to consider my son’s needs/personality as well as my family’s to choose an appropriate sleep strategy and to successfully navigate us through it each day! Thank you L.K. North Haven, CT

Jess is truly incredible. As a doula, not only did she have a contagiously calming presence (for the baby, but also for mom), but her knowledge and experience immediately put us ease. Placing your newborn into the arms of complete stranger, especially when it’s your first, is never easy, but with Jess I felt relieved. Every time she came, I had anxious questions to ask, and she would answer them, one by one, calmly and insightfully. When it came time to sleep train, she gave us thoughtful support throughout and made adjustments according to my son’s specific needs. My son thrived, ate better, refluxed less, and slept like a champion, due in large part to Jess’s care and attention. Couldn’t recommend her any more highly. – B.D. Riverside, CT

You would never guess that our little guy used to be a horrible sleeper. We were up all night, for days, even weeks at a time. It’s no secret I’m a softie, and the idea of a sleep trainer was just crazy to me. Jess came highly recommended and I have to say she is absolutely amazing. Her knowledge of the science behind sleep and behavior modification was second only to how supportive, kind and patient she was throughout the process. Her coaching was easy to understand, and what’s more important, we made a plan I was comfortable using with my baby. It totally worked, and he sleeps so well, through the night and for all his naps. He is happy and flexible and bedtime, as she promised, is truly a peaceful and beautiful time for us. – M. T. Greenwich, CT

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