Family Sleep Solutions that Really Work…

  • How do I balancing the need for sleep and love for my baby?
  • Is this nighttime behavior normal?
  • What does healthy sleep look like for my newborn?
  • How can I get the baby to go to sleep and stay asleep?
  • Are my toddler’s behavior issues and sleep related?
  • How do I stop daily naptime disasters?
  • Why won’t the baby go an hour without feeding?

Do questions like these run through your mind all day, as you hope and pray for rest, trying not to break down at the thought of yet another sleepless night? You are not alone…and I am here to help!

The Lovely Baby Sleep Philosophy

I have had the privilege of experiencing the many stages of childhood and all the joys and challenges each one brings! I’ve worked in so many settings with these kids over the years that one thing has become beautifully evident: Each family comes with it’s own unique structure, needs and values. There isn’t just one way to raise children, and there is no one size fits all method or philosophy to teach our children to sleep. I feel it is so important to approach your family’s situation with an open mind and an open heart. I want to help find a path to better sleep that suits your specific circumstances, belief systems, and time frame. Your path is as individual as your child is, and it’s my pleasure to help lead the way to healthier sleep.

My Coaching Methods

My coaching methods have been developed using a variety of different sleep strategies from varied parenting styles, multiple experts and mentors, and diverse cultures – not just one program offering a cookie cutter approach. After our in depth consultation, I will develop a comprehensive sleep plan, which is scientifically rooted, formulated with your values in mind, and applied with compassion for your child and for you. My goal is not only to get the entire family sleeping better, but to do it in a way that you, as parents, can feel good about.

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To me, the most wonderful compliment is a grateful, happy and well rested family! Here’s what some of those parents wanted to share:

Jessica’s help was invaluable to our family. Before working with her, our 10-month old child’s sleep was a major stress point. Jessica fully listened to us, validated our concerns, and identified sleep strategies that were both developmentally appropriate and matched our parenting style perfectly. Jessica’s knowledge, training, and experience were evident and our baby’s sleep is worlds better than it was before we started working with her! – J. E. East Haven, CT

Thank you Jess for changing our lives. We welcomed our daughter in April and spent 4 months trying to get her to sleep. Jess arrived and in just a few days our baby girl was sleeping 12 hours a night, eating better and finally napping well through out the day. Jess is so calm, patient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend having her as part of the family! – K. D. Wilton, CT (4 Day Live-In Coaching)

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